Moderation. I recently read an article about it that surmises there is no such thing.  That "moderation" is in the eye of the beholder so to speak.  I tend to disagree a bit.  I think we all know the point at which we go overboard, we have had too much, or too little.  

Thanksgiving just flew by, and we were told by media to overeat and over exercise to burn off the excess calories.  I tend to question this theory because I like to eat until I'm just about full at every meal, on any day.  Just because it's a holiday where food tends to be front and center doesn't mean I will necessarily eat more.  I tend to think that focusing on high quality foods that we may not eat all the time should take center stage.  Homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for instance.  That way you you can continue on with your typical exercise routine and feel good about it, instead of feeling guilty for not doing more.

The rest of the winter holiday season is around the corner, and I say apply the same guidelines as above.  Eat until your full.  Maintain a clean diet when you can.  Toast the season with a great cocktail, or a glass of champagne.  Enjoy yourself!  Life is for living, and if you live within reason you won't have to feel guilty the next day or when the New Year rolls around.  

A quick story about this concept before I wrap up.  My mom's aunt is 90 years old.  Her whole life she has lived in moderation.  She has always been a petite woman who has managed to maintain her weight for as long as I have known her.  She smoked, but only 3 cigarettes a day, and finally quit when she turned 80.  She drank, but limited herself to a beer or two.  She ate the things we all know we should avoid, but would have a small portion.  At 90 she still lives on her own, healthy and sharp.  She is a perfect example of how moderation can work in your life.

The fact of the matter is that we all know our limits, but choose to avoid recognizing them, or choose to push past them to be thinner, fit into an unreasonable size, or fit in with societal norms.  All it takes is listening to our bodies, filling up on clean food, exercising, and resting.  Taking these simple steps will build your confidence faster than any crash diet or binge session will.

All my love and well wishes,