Sugar Elimination Update


I haven’t had much sugar in the last two months.  And by this I mean I had a bit of dessert for my birthday and that’s it.  It started as a decision to detox from sugar for a month with my sis.  After having Marin and beginning another breastfeeding journey I knew that sugar would be a huge temptation.  Doing this detox would eliminate that, and allow me to start from a more positive place than I did with Morrison.  After a month went by, I thought why re-introduce it? And I set out to continue without for as long as I could.  You know what?  After that month I TRULY stopped craving and thinking about sweets.  I typically tell clients that it takes 3 weeks to detox and drop cravings for sugar. After doing this I realized that if you are setting out to make something a lifestyle, it takes over a month to create the lasting change.  I also realized that cutting sugar out aligns with one of my 2018 goals.  In January I set my intention to be more fit than I was when I got pregnant with Morrison, and this sugar elimination is made easier because of this goal!  This realization is possibly even more important than the health benefits of giving up sugar.  

When you set a true intention with passion and commitment behind it, the steps you take to achieve it will seem less painful or daunting.  Being healthy and fit make me a better mother and person, and it makes me happy!  This happiness is much more sunstainable than the satisfaction of having dessert.  I should also mention that I am not telling myself I can never have sugar again.  At my birthday dinner, I thoroughly enjoyed each bite of my chocolate indulgence, but I didn’t let that be the gateway to having it all the time.  This is what I have allowed in the past, not just with sugar.  Giving yourself the space to enjoy and move on is huge!  It makes it so much easier to say no during an impulsive moment.  

If you are interested in cutting sugar check out my free sugar detox to begin the journey, and feel free to ask me questions if you need some guidance.😊