Listening to the Universe

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This week has been one of those weeks.  In the past I would have been a disaster to be honest.  Scrambling to make things right, trying to take control, pushing forward.  After much self development and coaching, I know that those reactions don't work.  Self reflection, thinking about how signs and universal signals are on purpose, and digging deep work much better when faced with a challenge.  That's what I have been working on.  After all, following my soul and intuition have never steered me wrong.

Without going into too much detail, a couple of changes within my business happened causing me to rethink how I spend my time, what I really want, and what will leave me most fulfilled.  And although I haven't made a final decision I know where my heart is leading me.  The truth is for the past year I have spent over 50% of every weekend preparing juice for wholesale and retail clients.  I do really like to do it, but I like spending time with my family more.  My husband works...a lot, and the free time that he has was being taken up by my business.  I have been thinking so much about what would happen when our second baby is born.  Who will juice right after I give birth, will I want to take that time away from both kids, what about navigating the changes that are inevitable when we become a family of four.  These questions don't have an immediate answer, and were causing some stress.  The universe kindly stepped in, as it always does to make me rethink and slow down enough to look at alternatives.

The truth is I love being a mom, and that is my priority right now, especially with another baby en route.  It's hard to run a passion project along side full time mother hood.  I give great props to women who work, mother, and run a business (I know some, and they are awesome.) So I temporarily am taking a step back from juicing for the moment.  It's the right thing for me to do right now.  My coaching business will remain intact, I will continue to take special orders for juice, and I will remain on this space sharing recipes, stories, insights, etc..  I feel such a sense of peace in this.  This time in my life won't last forever...nothing does, and solace does come knowing that business will be my priority at some point, just not now.  I have strong, smart kids to raise, and I am unbelievably blessed to be given the opportunity to do so.  

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