6 Months


I remember six months being a milestone when I was pregnant with Morrison too.  My belly is becoming more prominent, and baby kicks are more intense.  I’m becoming more and more curious about what she will look like, how she and Mo will interact, and what her temperament will be.  

I am still battling a bit of anxiety surrounding her health, having another natural birth, and hoping that all goes as well as it did with Mo.  I am relieved that I don’t have to worry about what will happen after the baby.  I know I will be home with her indefinitely which is such a great feeling for me.

For the past month or so I have been craving greens!  I have been eating tons of kale salad (I’m obsessed...I’ll post my favorite recipe this week) and also making a lot of soup, tofu scramble, and toast.  It’s so interesting how cravings and food preferences change so intensely when pregnant.  I have the same mindset about this as I do in general.  Your body craves what it needs most of the time, and I tend to follow that instinct really closely.  With my gestational diabetes test approaching I have been trying to limit sugar, which has been really good for me.  For myself, keeping the amount of added sugar that I eat in check is super important, and small resets always bring awareness around it.  I highly suggest trying it.

I’m still exercising 5-6 times a week, which is key for me to maintain my mood.  With Mo I exercised until about 4 weeks before I had him because I started having terrible sciatic pain.  I’m so praying I don’t have that this time around!  Typically I try to spin twice a week, barre class twice a week, and I have been loving kickboxing as well.   

Overall I’ve been feeling quite well, although less and less of my clothes are fitting.  This is always a bit of a struggle for me, and I absolutely don’t want to buy any maternity clothes haha!  so I am trying to be chic with what I have that fits!  I am trying to embrace the challenge :) I know that this will be my last pregnancy, so I am really trying to enjoy it and go with the flow.