Style Evolution


As many of you know before I was a mom and entrepreneur I worked in fashion.  The holy grail of all that is shallow, all consuming, and sometimes amazing.  The truth is I love clothes, shoes, and beauty.  I always have.  There is something about the way a really good outfit, haircut, or perfect pair of shoes can transform you into super woman. 

However life is light years different now than 2 years ago.  It was easy for me to spend half an hour on makeup, try on endless outfits, and stroll down the street in heels to my desk job then.  Sitting for 9 hours means you don’t mess much up (and begs for more gym time to keep your a** toned!) Today I have to get ready and watch a toddler...not to mention chase said toddler around for 12+ hours.  This does wonders for your body, but can be taxing on your fashion choices.  So here is a list of ways I have tried to hold onto some of my chicness, while cleaning up noodles off the floor and nursing my boy to sleep. 

1) Wear black and navy blue.  Hides most stains, always slimming, and easy to match.  Who am I kidding...I wore a lot of black before, but it is my true go to now.  You can’t go wrong. 

2) Stay classic.  My style was headed this way before becoming a mom.  As I have gotten older, my look has definitely refined itself and it makes getting ready a whole lot easier.  I say classic and for me that is tons of solid tee shirts, great jeans, and soft sweaters.  I do wear quite a bit of grungy stuff too, which kind of defines my look. 

3) Cute sneakers.  I am so thankful that sneakers were making a fashion come back right before I got pregnant with Mo!  Now I wear a pair of converse or vans almost everyday.  Black or white are my faves and I mix it up between styles.  They go with almost everything and are really hot right now. 

4) Washable clothes only.  I don’t iron and I hate the chemicals and hassle associated with dry cleaning.  I have been known to wash my expensive dry clean only clothing in protest.  

5) Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit!  When Morrison was about 8 months we moved, and I did a major closet cleaning.  I got rid of a ton of my oversized clothes that I wore when I was pregnant and anything that was too small.  I had gotten almost down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I knew that clothes that weren’t fitting properly were never going to fit again.  Let’s be honest, your body changes shape after having a baby and it’s totally not worth wishing you went back to what you were before. 

6) Be comfortable.  In the past I was known to wear things that looked great, but weren’t exactly the most comfortable. Why why why?!  Life is too short to tip toe around your outfit.  I am always more confident, collected, and happy when I feel good in my clothes.

Be you!  It’s almost like getting a little bit older and being a mom, really pushes you to find yourself especially in the style arena.  It did for me at least.  There are so many amazing clothes out there that there is no excuse to waste time or energy with anything that doesn’t suit you or make you feel good.