Three thing I learned about Pregnancy


When I found out that I was pregnant it was simply the result of my overly anxious partner worrying.  Because my cycle has always been irregular, I had no thought in my mind that I could actually be expecting.  The day we found out I had reluctantly agreed to grab a test on my way home from a job interview.  I went to work, had my interview, and headed home to take the test before heading out of the city for the weekend.  A normal day that totally changed my life.

Like clockwork a week later I became nauseous and tired.  You kind of expect to feel this way since there is so much written about it.  What I didn't expect, and what isn't really talked about are the following three things:

1) Anxiety is at an all time high.  I don't consider myself an anxious person.  I am pretty laid back about almost everything, and rarely worry.  However, I started to agonize over everything!  I worried about having a miscarriage mostly, but then came thoughts about being healthy, having a healthy baby, and selfishly that I was gaining weight that I would never be able to lose.  The thoughts spun all day, and the only solace I really got was after a successful doctors appointment. I knew I had to do something to maintain sanity, so  I started meditating, which really seemed to help.  So much in fact, that I have continued even though I have calmed down significantly in the last couple of weeks.  Coming to the realization that you are now responsible for a life other than your own can be scary, so you have to be prepared.  Also trying to remember that the universe takes care of things that are out of your control is my new mantra.

2) Your diet may change completely.  My first thought about the food I eat was that it would remain the same.  Oh was I wrong!  My vegetable based lifestyle quickly went out the window when I realized that the thought of a cooked vegetable made me want to vomit, and that quinoa was not going to cut my carb cravings.  I started only wanting to eat bread and pasta.  I did my best to mix in veggies where I could, but it was hard for sure. I was able to maintain my green juice habit, but couldn't have an orange or grapefruit because of the heartburn.  I am finally coming out of the carb haze, but it was tough.  I also gained 11 lbs even though I was exercising because of the severe shift in diet.  At first this made me really upset.  My fears about gaining bunches of weight resurfaced.  At just about 18 weeks my vegetable aversion has started lessening, and I have been able to have more control over what I eat.  Through this I constantly reminded myself that I am healthy, and doing what my body requires.  It inherently knows how to balance, you just have to trust your instinct and let it do it's job.

3) It is really hard to give up coffee!!  I know for some pregnant women the thought or smell of coffee makes them sick, but this was not the case for me.  Luckily I was coming off of a cleanse when I learned I was expecting so I hadn't had coffee in a month and was fully detoxed from it.  This didn't stop me from wanting it.  The smell was intoxicating.  Once out of the first trimester I have read that a bit of caffeine is okay, but I am refraining completely from it as a personal choice.  It gets easier as time passes, but the ritual of an afternoon espresso still taunts me.

So much is written about the first signs of pregnancy, and I am sure if I googled these concerns I would have found something written.  In the flurry of excitement and confusion these are the things that surprised me most.  Who can relate?  Did anything surprise you during pregnancy?