When Healthy Becomes Too Much

As a health coach, and a person who is extremely passionate about wellness, I get tons of emails and updates about health and fitness advice.  Frankly I am so fed up with it.  Allow me explain.

As I have written about in the past I am a huge fan of moderation as a life practice for most things.  A delicious home baked cookie or two, versus a whole sleeve of chips ahoy let's say.  However the constant bombardment of healthy food recipes, and 10 minute exercise routines to add to your existing 45 minute regime is totally overwhelming!  I think many times it makes even the healthiest people feel guilty when they decide to have something sweet, or forego a workout in favor of sleeping in.  I include myself in this category.  For weeks I was feeling down about not putting in as much time in the kitchen as I usually do, and not being excited to exercise.  I was wondering what was wrong with me.  Where I was going wrong.  The truth of the matter is that I was just plain tired.  Tired from creating another human, tired of my routine, tired from choosing an apartment to live in.  You know, the s#$% that happens in this life!  Feeling guilty from social media bombardment put me over the edge.

So what should one do when they fall into the compare and contrast trap that happens so often as a result of the internet?  Avoiding social media is kind of impossible these days, so coming to terms with it and moving on is really the only solution.  For me this happened last week.  In the midst of a half packed 650 square foot apartment, there was no room to do my morning workout, and cooking was out of the question.  I gave myself and my perfection over to the universe, and let go.  I slept in, and ordered take out EVERY NIGHT LAST WEEK.  I know, I know this is an abominable move for a health coach.  The truth of the matter is that being comfortable to choose this, and move forward was maybe the healthiest thing I could have done for myself.  It freed me in so many ways, and this week I couldn't wait to go to the grocery store and pick up the usual ingredients to make collard greens wraps and brown rice pasta.  I also was more than happy to get up on Monday and do my morning work out in my much larger living space.

The take away from all of this for me, is that if you have good intentions, and truly want to be your best self you will.  Sometimes everyone needs a break from cooking, from exercise, from social media.  After you take the break chances are you will fall back into your routine, and be happier for it.  Don't let the constant media deluge affect your life negatively.  Use it as a tool, and nothing more.  In the end if you want the pint of vegan (or otherwise) ice cream, go for it!  The satisfaction that you feel after you have owned your craving and decision will far outweigh the few extra calories.