Just Over 6 Months


I’m not sure why it seems like such a milestone that just over six months of this pregnancy has passed.  I guess it is at this point that things starts to speed up.  More doctor’s appointments, more preparation, and thoughts about things like the baby’s health insurance.  Along with this a sense of calm has come over me that wasn’t there before.  The anxiety about things has subsided enough for me to start enjoying quiet with my boyfriend. and going out without the extra baggage of a stroller and diaper bag.  I am trying to embrace these moments because soon enough life will change in a big way.

As I progress further into the pregnancy the baby is (thankfully) making his presence known more and more.  It started with a few flutters, but now can be pretty intense jabs and waves.  Yesterday I was sitting in a training for an inventory and shipping software that I need to use at my job.  It started as a few innocent bumps to the rib cage.  All of the sudden there was a full on dance party of one happening in my uterus.  Trying to keep a straight face, much less my concentration became a task at best.  It makes me wonder what this will feel like when he doubles in size!  

As I come closer and closer to my due date I am really trying to embrace the feeling of pregnancy, not let being extra exhausted bring me down, and am obviously very much excited to meet my new love.