True Leisure

There are pre-conceived notions about what leisure is.  When I bring that word to mind I think of massages, resorts, and beaches.  All of those things can be nice, but for me true leisure is not having plans.  I understand that it is necessary in life to have a schedule of things to be done both for work and pleasure.  A very hectic schedule is built into my life currently, so when I get the chance to take a day to truly have nothing planned it is pure bliss.  It gives me time to be creative, be grateful, and think.  Sadly my mind is so often cluttered with what I have to do next, that none of those things can be accomplished day to day.

I thought a lot about this over the past couple of days.  Sunday was one of those rare days of nothingness for me, and I was able to contemplate my schedule and how it will impact the new baby.  I am currently reading Simplicity Parenting (a great book if you are interested) and it talks about the value of having uncommitted time.  It is imperative for children, in order for their brains and imaginations to develop.  The packed schedules that we have for our families are having a very adverse effect on the next generation.  

After digesting this for a bit, I committed to myself that over the next three months or so, as another way of prepping for our little miracle I would work on simplifying my life.  Taking more leisure time.  Time to make great food, have impromptu phone marathons with my mom, and watch a movie that looks interesting.  It is at these instances that I get the most value out of life it seems, and I think it will be these same times in the future that will positively impact my son’s childhood.

I encourage you to really think about what true leisure is to you, and take time to make it happen.  If you also find immense pleasure in having no plans, please make room for it in your life.  It is so important for your own self care and well being.