When the universe says...


Three or four months ago Mike and I had a conversation about having more kids.  A lot of women I know who had babies around the time I had Mo were getting pregnant, and our life came up.  We both agreed that we were happy with one.  I was always on the fence, as I can't imagine my life without my sister.  I could see the other side too.  I had the birth story of my dreams with Morrison, and no trouble breastfeeding.  After almost two years we had settled into a bit of a groove, bought a fun car, and were feeling a bit better about our sex life.  

I had the paraguard IUD inserted after I had Mo.  99.7% effective rate sounded good, and I didn't want any artificial hormones in my body.  At the same time we knew I was horrible at "natural birth control" so this seemed like a great option.  We were undecided about more kids so this coupled with my extended breastfeeding stint (still nursing one or two times a day) seemed perfect.  

So all things under control right?  Important convos had, precaution taken, groove going on...and then the universe said "oh hell no!"  That is not the plan for you.  

I wasn't feeling great for a couple of weeks and had missed my period.  I didn't think anything of it because I had only gotten it twice since having Morrison, but I thought I'd just check things out.  One night I was headed to take my shower and bask in 15 minutes of solitude when I decided just to use up the pregnancy test I had in the cabinet.  BAM!  In three minutes my world was rocked when the word pregnant appeared on the test.  How could this be?  There was like .0001% chance of this!  When I opened the door and yelled Mike's name, he turned around to see my face and knew right away what I was about to say.  He was as stunned as I was.  How was this possible?

So here I am 14 weeks along, and totally content.  Soon after discovering the news I kind of slapped myself.  Of course.  The universe has a plan and this is mine.  I love being a mother, and I love the idea of Morrison having someone to share his life with.  Our journeys have a way of unfolding just as they were meant to if we just let go and allow ourselves to be taken care of.  Another little miracle...we are so blessed.