Just Over 34 Weeks


I may have mentioned before that pregnancy for me feels like an eternity.  I'm in the home stretch now, and hopefully will deliver our girl a teensy bit earlier than my due date.  If the universe is on my side this means I have about a month to go!  I think for a lot of women this is really the tough part.  You really no longer feel like yourself, at least I don't.  I certainly don't move around the same way, and am generally slower.  Walking more slowly,  taking naps, and restlessly trying to get some sleep at night.  For me, a person who usually has a ton of energy and likes to constantly be on the move this proves to be a challenge.  I also have the lingering thought that somehow I will fall into a pattern of complacency and laziness.  I remind myself constantly that this is a phase, and that my body will and energy will return on due time.

Another thing making things a bit tough has been my weight gain this time around.  I am already past the weight that I was when I delivered Morrison.  Aside from a few extra carbs, and a couple holiday cookies my diet has been mostly consistent, and I have actually exercised more intensely this time around so I know it is just what this baby needed.  However, my old self sabotaging thoughts creep in, and I have needed to dig deep to maintain my body positivity.  Old habits (and mindsets) die hard that is for sure.  Basking in gratitude for another healthy pregnancy has helped so much.

For the next month or so I am focused on enjoying my one on one time with Morrison, sneaking in a date night with Mike, going to the spa with my sister, and getting a couple of last minute items for the babe.  It's nice to have most things around from when Mo was born, but things like the adapters to convert our stroller into a double, and a new moses basket since Mo uses his for toy storage are on the list.

That's about it from my corner.  We are getting back to the grind after the holiday excitement, which I always sorely miss no matter how hard I try.  I have been thinking the only real way to combat it, is to book a beachy vacation for the new year!!  On my to do list for 2019!!