Winter Care


This week has brought a bit of respite to New York in terms of the weather, but the last few have been bitterly cold.  In past winters I have just sort of powered through, mindlessly bundling up to head to work, drying out in the bad heat, and then heading back out for a freezing commute home.  This winter, however is different.  I am home full time, trying to entertain a toddler, and pregnant which in my opinion makes caring for my skin and well being more important. 

Since everyone should take extra good care of their bodies all the time, I thought I would share a few of the things I have been doing to stay healthy and hydrated this season.  I should preface this by saying I don't believe in the flu shot for our family for several reasons, however I certainly respect everyone's opinion and honor the decisions that are made regarding this matter.

1) If you can stay inside and cozy!  In the past I didn't want to let go of my crazy routine and push forward personality.  I would power through to run errands, go out for dinners, etc...  This season I have fully embraced staying home.  It helps that I don't go to a typical workplace, but even on the weekends we have been hunkering down.  This means more home cooked meals, more resting, and avoiding germs.  It may sound a bit crazy, but I have really tried to pick and choose where we go to try and combat all of the viruses going around.  I am on high alert because of the pregnancy, but I also don't want Morrison to contract anything either.  Staying home, cooking, and burning candles has been so satisfying to the soul.

2) Eat and drink warming things.  I think most people crave warm foods when it is cold, but the energy we get from food is actually super important for our health.  This is why you crave different foods in the winter as opposed to the summer.  Your body needs to have hearty foods to maintain balance.  Although I am still getting nutrients and greens from smoothies and salads I typically accompany those things with a warm soup, or comforting pasta dish.  In the mornings I tend toward warm oatmeal with lots of seeds and fruit.  I have also been drinking more herbal tea and hot water with lemon and ginger both for the antiseptic and warming properties.

3) If you feel slightly under the weather take care of yourself!  At the beginning of winter our whole house started to get sniffly.  Nothing major, but I knew it could turn into something.  We ramped up our intake of cold pressed juices and wellness shots.  I started drinking a shot of ginger, lemon, cayenne juice in the morning, and making sure to drink a green juice each day.  I also started cooking and eating a lot more citrus and berries, which are full of antioxidants.  Luckily those runny noses went on their way, and we have managed to stay healthy since.  Also don't be afraid to take a day to rest, before you really get sick!  You might save yourself a week or more of feeling truly ill.

4) Take care of your skin.  Between dry heat indoors and brutal wind outside your skin can become dehydrated and flaky.  Aside from slathering on almond oil and lotion after every shower, I have also been coating my body and face with coconut oil each time I bathe.  After washing, I apply a thin layer of oil then rinse it off in the water.  It feels oddly luxurious, and keeps my skin so soft.  I do the same when I give Morrison a bath, and his skin has also remained hydrated.  I apply more lotion after I dry off, and have been using Weleda Skin Food on my face.  For lips, Sarah Happ's Lip Slip almost instantly heals chapped lips.  Although on the pricey side, it lasts forever and really does do the trick.

Nothing revolutionary, but these have really been saving my sanity during a season that seems to drag on longer than any other.  Since we have a couple of more months to endure maybe incorporating a couple of these things will make the rest of your winter a bit more healthy and bearable.  Stay Warm!