Dreams, Growth, and Change.

If you had met me ten years ago and asked what my dream situation would be like I probably would have described my life as it is today, or at least close to it.  This is NOT to toot my own horn by any means but...  I have the job that I wanted when I graduated from college, I live in a penthouse apartment in New York, we drive a Land Rover, and I own a lot of designer clothes.  As shallow as it seems, in my early twenties these were the things I was thinking about.  Fixated on in fact.  I wanted them so intently, and with a ton of hard work and many bumps in the road they manifested.

As I sit here writing this now so many things have changed, and my dreams look entirely different.  I have a different perspective on life.  My most important accomplishments have nothing to do with the list above.  In fact the two most beautiful things in my life right now weren't even part of my plan...my husband (I never wanted to be married) and my beautiful son. Now I dream of the day when I have my time.  That job I wanted so intently devours almost all of my days.  Precious days that could be spent with Morrison, or on a business that I am TRULY passionate about.  That business, my new dream, that keeps me up until all hours of the night because I CARE SO MUCH about it.  I dream about the moms that I can empower and coach to be more confident, more fulfilled, and happier in their lives.  The joy I receive from both my family and my business is so much more than any of the material bulls$%& I set my sites on in the past when I had no idea this is what was in store for me.

I wanted to write about this to empower you to dream big, and trust that the universe will take care of WHATEVER it is that you foresee in your life.  If you work hard enough for "it" and really believe that you can be or can do whatever "it" is, you can!  I also wanted to put my own dreams on paper as evidence.  I WILL own my time in the next year, I WILL be able to spend more days with my son, I WILL have a successful business.  How do I know?  Because if you can envision and taste the future you want the universe will manifest it.  My life now is proof.