Morning Routine

In my opinion having a solid morning routine really sets your day up for success.  It can be hard to establish this, but once you get into the groove it's amazing to difference that it creates.  Even when I don't walk out my door on time, I still feel like I have a handle on the day!  Here is my morning in a nutshell:

  • 6:30am- Alarm goes off.  I nurse Morrison one last time.
  • 7am- Get out of bed, and work out
  • 7:40am- Oil pulling begins.  I take a shower while Mike gets Morrison dressed.
  • 8:00am- After oil pulling, I drink a large glass of room temperature water with lemon and apple cider vinegar while I get dressed.
  • 8:20am I make the bed.
  • 8:30am- I make my breakfast smoothie, and feed Morrison some coconut yogurt.  I start to pack up to leave for work hoping that Mo is occupied enough for me to go without a fuss.
  • 9:00am- I aim to be on my way to work.  I listen to something positive on my subway ride.  Usually some personal development.