Making Room for Important Things

This week I started cleansing the material items in my life.  My new group program starts in a couple of weeks, and felt the weight of guilt on my shoulders each time I yanked a pair of jeans from the middle of the wavering stack in my closet.  How can I teach people to eliminate if I can't do the same?  I mean, I have purged before, but it usually take a move for me to get serious.  This time I wanted to do it for piece f mind and mental clarity.  Life is too short to look at things that you don't love, or spend a second struggling to pull out a sweater buried at the bottom of your closet.

I started with the closet.  I always start with the closet.  It is where I really have the most "stuff."  * huge (I mean garbage sized) bags, just like that.  Insane, and I still have more than enough to wear, which is the scarier part.  Each time I do this I can't believe the amount of stuff or the money spent on things that really only held their value in my life  for a brief moment.  

I moved on to books, dishes, jewelry.  I cleaned cabinets that I had to reorganize just to get one item out.  Why did it take me so long?  We get used to things, I guess.  We are too tired to really stop and think whether we truly need 25 tupperware containers "just in case."  

I'm glad I spent the time this week.  Those extra minutes I will have because I can locate the things I need can now be spent hugging my husband or playing with my son.  

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