Mom First



It's been five months since I quit my full time job.  Five months since I was given the ultimate gift, while making a huge sacrifice.  Taking care of Morrison full time while keeping my little business going is no joke.  Very often I have no choice but to put my list aside to make room for my child's needs.  I know other moms out there know how this goes...

the truth is being a working mom isn't easier than being a work from home mom.  It's just different.  When you go to the office you can mentally separate.  You have headspace to work.  You have a spare second to log on and pay a bill without worrying whether taking a minute will result in a 10 minute clean up of some sort.  This is where I am.  Everyday that passes I fall more in love with my little creature, and it feels like another piece of myself falls away.  I give in a little more to the notion that I am a mom first.  It's quite a process to be honest.  I know I am becoming a better person, picking out the parts of my pre-mom self that are really great and leaving the rest behind.  The selfish parts, the less empathetic parts, the parts that waste days worrying about nonsense.  I think leaving behind pieces of yourself is difficult even if you are happy to be rid of them.